Jennifer Maneni relives motherhood


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THE pressures of motherhood accompanied by a splashy wedding and the coronavirus global pandemic have indefinitely locked out her new songs, but gospel songstress Jennifer Maneni-Mayer remains upbeat that the projects will hit the industry by storm once released.

Maneni-Mayer, who recently gave birth to a son Ishineri also revealed t that the uniqueness of his name was that her husband joined two names to make them one.

“They’re both biblical names, Ishi means my salvation, Neri means my light.”

The gospel diva added that she had been quite to make room for motherhood.

“One should balance the two career and marriage. Being pregnant going for shows, dancing for hours it wasn’t easy for me that’s why I ended up cancelling all my shows last year (2019) especially after my doctor advised me to rest more.

According to Maneni, she recorded a single entitled Blessed during her pregnancy, but her producer Blessing Mchenga kept delaying the project.

Apart from the singles, she was also working on a six-track album.


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