People with disability fight to save environment


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ARTISTS with disabilities were now specialising in recycled art using unwanted garbage to eke out a living and also as a clean-environment campaign.

ln an interview with Zim Community News before the Covid-19 lockdown, one of the artists based in Chitungwiza, Manners Mukuwiri, said he used unwanted material such as soda pop cans, beads, bottle tops and wires among others.

“The idea behind my direction in art is to conserve and promote a clean environment and to educate people on ways to dispose of their unwanted garbage profitably,” he said.

Mukuwiri, who has participated at art festivals and high profile exhibitions such as the Harare Festival of the arts, is also a tutor for recycled art.

He works with adults and children, teaches them how to craft artworks using unwanted materials.

Mukuwiri begun his career as an environmentalist in art in 2008 after he was inspired by the desire to see a clean environment and preserve the planet from Global Warming and Climate.

His disability does not hold him back and his markets are buyers from Europe.

He works with beads, recycled materials, wire and plastic to fulfil his dream of showing the world that there is ability in disability.

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