Prayer answereth gospel diva Olinda Marowa

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AS THE couple are busy planning a grand white wedding, gospel diva Olinda Marowa is grateful to God for the divine connection with her new husband that led to him paying lobola recently.

Olinda, whose first husband Michael Mufaro-Ziwenga passed on in 2017 due to a short illness, opened up to Zim Community Gospel News about the difficult period she experienced afterwards and how she overcame.

“I’ve been so much hurt since the passing on of my late husband and according to me I never thought was going to remarry but I thank God for he wipes tears.

She was also a victim of gender stereotyping that women in her situation faced in such situations in the country.

“However, I have understood that one has to be focused, determined and achieve what you want.

“People have different opinions over certain matters but as long you remain unmoved you can go far,” she said.

“Never allow anyone or anything make your life miserable, always be positive praying for all you want to have.

“Decree and declare things in Jesus’ name and they shall be established,” was her advice to other women in similar situations.

The songstress went through some serious counselling from different people close to her and also prayed about everything and thus has come this far.

”I also thank Baba and MaiCharamba for they also played a very big role in counselling and praying for me.

“When you have a positive and teachable spirit you will go far and achieve your goals

Marowa revealed that the fact that husband loved her children was not something that is not easy to do for a man.

“For him to accept me and my children is God’s doing, it is so amazing and I thank my husband for his great love.”

I thank my fans so much for supporting me and standing with me.

Losing her mother and husband at a tender age was not an easy journey but she never allowed that to affect her career.

As a result, she received ambassadorial roles at the Florence Matambanadzo’s Single Mother Foundation, Vaka Building Hardware and Emancipate Disability, an organisation that deals with disabled persons.


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