Ginimbi, you have gone too far


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THIS week we carried a story on our website that shook our community, that of youthful businessman Genius Kadungure caused a storm with his nonconformist behaviour on social media.

Ginimbi as he is popularly known is was norm breaking antics shook our communities amd those around him through recent sexually provocative live video competitions that showcased young women twerking naked in exchange for money on his social media sites.

A US-based sultry dancer, only identified by her social media moniker, Juujitsu, won the competition held on Instagram, with Ginimbi and his colleagues reportedly increasing the prize money for her from R5 000 to US$1 000.

Zimbabwean norms have not changed to the extent of accepting the nude twerking jaunts sponsored by Ginimbi, that may be approved in other cultures in the Western world.

Many parents called us to express their displeasure at the nude shows which exposed young girls to the dangers of pornography.

That many young people look upon such strong personalities as Kadungure poses a danger that they will model their behavior in line with Ginimbi’s.

We hold no brief against the businessman, but the uproar against such behaviour by our communities echoes with our Christian values that are at the core of our editorial policy.

Even fellow socialite and youth empowerment lobbyist James Pande was appalled by fellow socialite Ginimbi’s nude shows

Pande said his stance was guided by the hostile responses from both youths and parents over the twerking shows which they said were both immoral and unAfrican.

“First and foremost I am not a critic of anyone’s business and affairs but whenever there is a concern and some complaints coming from the majority of the people I do not speak with fear or favour since I represent the constituency of young people.”

He added that the videos portrayed a negative influence to young women and girls as well as people who look up to him.

“I have absolutely nothing against Genius but I have everything against those demonic live videos.

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