Mr Bulk Water throws Chitrest under the bus

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A PRIVATE bulk water supply company in Harare has distanced itself from claims by the Chitungwiza Residents Association that it was distributing water to the residents for free in collaboration with the civil society organisation.

In a press statement posted today on social media Chitrest leader Jacob Rukweza reiterated the claim in response to a statement by the municipality signed by the acting town clerk Tonderai Kasu

Kasu had on Thursday rubbished Chitrest for peddling falsehoods to residents and stakeholders in Chitungwiza.

“As a Local authority we would like to set the record straight by categorically stating that through our instigation that Mr Bulk Water came to the rescue of Chitungwiza community by providing potable water.

Chitrest then hit back today attacking Kasu for misrepresenting facts through press statements and lying to residents that the ongoing potable water supply programme was in fact a Chitungwiza Municipality initiative.

“For the record no councillor nor council official is involved in the day-to-day running of the programme and the distribution of portable water in different wards as this is being done exclusively by Chitrest and Mr Bulk Water. Chirest has video and picture evidence to this effect.

However during an interview with Zim Community News the owner of Mr Bulk Water Supplies Stan Mau Mau distanced himself from the wars between the residents association and council.

Mau Mau agreed with council’s position regarding Chitrest claims saying that the latter only approached him while he was already supplying the water seeking to show them areas that desperately needed supplies of the precious liquid.

He added that no-one at the council has ever bothered to engage him over his corporate social responsibility.

“I am concerned about their wars. I declared right from the start my water is not political. I told all politicians irrespective from what party to desist completely from being present where we are distributing water to the people to avoid misconceptions and confusion.

“I support Chitungwiza Town Council for their position on the Trust in question. Unfortunately noone at the Council has ever bothered to engage me.

He added that his company has supplied over 1,2 million litres of water to Chitungwiza and he was also Epworth, Mabvuku, Tafara, Caledonia and promised to continue beyond coronavirus as long as the critical shortage of clean and health drinking water continues to persist.

Residents expressed their dismay on social media of Chitrest actions, fearing that it would discourage potential investors and donors from coming to the town.

Chitungwiza, which was facing perennial water shortages, has no dam of its own and relies on Harare for its water supplies.

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