ED advisor leads ‘State-linked torture, abductions’ condemnation

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LEADING personalities including president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s advisor pastor Shingi Munyeza, businessman Nigel Chanakira and human rights activist Dewa Mavhinga have condemned the alleged abduction and torture by suspected State agents of three MDC Alliance women activists.

The government has denied playing any role in the alleged abductions and torture of Harare West Legislator Joanna Mamombe, MDC Youth vice chairperson Cecilia Chimbiri and deputy organising secretary Netsai Marova.

The trio, who were part of a flash demonstration held on Wednesday last week in Warren Park high-density suburb, allegedly disappeared at a roadblock in Harare and were later found on Friday dumped in Bindura after being tortured by their kidnappers.

In a tweet accompanied by a video message on Sunday, Munyeza said he was sorry to have “not done enough to challenge and stop the demonic system presided over by evil men and women.

“Haman will hang on his own gallows.”

In response to support to his tweet from legislator Ruth Labode, Munyeza added that the country’s citizens deserved a free and prosperous Zimbabwe.

“We all need to rise up against tyranny, brutality and abuse. I know you are doing your part. God bless you.”

Businessman Chanakira also weighed in, supporting Munyeza’s stance by also condemning what he termed as a sorrowful act against women happening just after Mother’s Day.

“I have a daughter, sisters, a mother, nieces, lady friends and cannot tolerate a society that accepts this.”

Human rights defender Mavhinga recently told South African broadcaster SABC that the case had the hallmarks of the brutal regime.

“It’s vile, and it’s pure evil and there is an indication of state involvement because the police initial confirmed their arrest at police roadblock

“If the police arrested these three young women, how come they were taken out of police custody and driven some 80km out of Harare were they were sexually abused and made to eat human waste.

However, the police have now refuted media reports that said they had initially confirmed the arrest of the trio.

Mavhinga added that no human being deserves such crude and inhuman treatment.

“Even if it was not legal that is not justification for such brutal horrific and horrendous acts on young women sexual abuse, this is crossing the line these are crimes against humanity.

“Zimbabwe claims to be a new dispensation, but what is happening is far worse than during the Mugabe regime.

He said there was a culture of impunity on part of security forces including the army and police not commitment to accountability.

Mavhinga implored the international community should step in and the SA government as the chair of the African Union should call and set up a probe.



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