MDC-T 2014 structures cross swords

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AMID counter-accusations by each faction that the other’s gathering was not properly constituted, two
groups belonging to the MDC-T 2014 structures have held separate council meetings aimed at mapping
the way forward following the recent Supreme Court ruling.

The ruling nullified Nelson Chamisa’s leadership of the opposition party and called for an extra-ordinary
congress to elect a replacement for the late Morgan Tsvangirai. The first meeting led by the re-instated secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora was condemned as illegitimate following accusations that genuine members of the MDC-T 2014 National Council were not invited, making the decision to recall parliamentarians null and void.

However, in a statement that proved that the deep-seated divisions in the country’s main opposition
party were far from over, MDC founding member Senator James Makore has also blasted the recent National Council meeting organised by Nelson Chamisa as a non-event.

Speculation was rife that the reinstated 2014 MDC-T structures were finding common ground following
the Supreme Court judgment which ruled that Chamisa was not the party president. However, Makore said the Chamisa-inspired meeting was not the desired process. “It would be a repeat of the disputed processes that happened on the 15th of February 2018 and the Biti Mangoma Ill-fated Mandel Meeting.

“Any president to come should be born out of congress as per the legal and constitutional requirements.
“It’s a major decision which is a mandate of the congress and not any other.” In defending that position Makore, who is part of the executives and council members of 2014, said he was not even invited to the so-called council meeting. “If it’s selective then it’s not inclusive, hence not in keeping with the values of MDC. Procedures to invite
members to these meetings should be constitutionally bound.

He added that anything contrary to the above party position was a nullity. According to the reinstated Secretary-General Douglas Mwonzora the meeting was also improperly constituted as it was not called by the appropriate office. They also alleged that Senator Morgen Komichi was not the 2014 chairperson and should not have
endorsed a stolen chairmanship.

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