Fashion designer James Pande’ s hovhorosi style hits the international market


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  • Thomas A.Edison said “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Pande reveals the whole story

How it all begun

INDEED, in 2012 I saw an opportunity in bright coloured overalls and it became a fashion crazy in Zimbabwe.

The journey begun in 2010 when I was going to the mines wearing my orange overall with some matching boots and a cap driving in my Isuzu Dteq King-cab.

People would throw some comments saying you looking good in those overalls that’s when I saw an opportunity.

I took my time trying to figure out how I could come up with a fashion brand and launch this workmanship style.

The Robert Mugabe Factor

It was on the 20 October 2010 that I accompanied Big Brother contestant Munyaradzi Chidzonga to meet the now late former President Robert Mugabe at State House in Harare.

Chidzonga was carrying a Zimbabwe flag which Mugabe signed, I was quick to notice the change on the flag.

I took a picture of the signature and kept it, calculating my next move with the overalls.

After consultations with the authorities I then came up with the signature of the Head of State as a label on berets, T-shirts, caps and mainly on the overalls which I called the Hovhorosi Style.

The first few pictures we took went viral and there was a high demand for the overalls, then I decided to launch the style in 2012.

The overalls were in high demand from all classes of the society including the youths to senior government officials to businessmen, artists, celebrities and models among others.

Awards and recognition

This was followed by numerous awards and recognition.

As always, I believe in thinking outside the box and improvement, I then started designing branded worksuits and dungarees.

The main colours were the Zim flag colours.

In 2013 I then decided to take the idea across Limpopo which I did early 2014 through the former ANC youth league executive member Magdalene Moonsamy who was now with EFF as the spokesperson.

I made red overalls with my brand and gave them to the EFF guys and they liked the idea and pushed it further by wearing them in Parliament.

Most people asked if I was benefitting and I said it’s free advertisement since I was now getting more orders and most people knew I was the brains behind the overalls fashion.

The concept spreading like veld fire

Over the years many political parties have adopted the Hovhorosi style.

In Zimbabwe the ruling party Zanu PF, MDC, and other parties, In SA the ruling party ANC, EFF, DA, BDP and UDC in Botswana.

Recently in Zimbabwe the FEEZ organisation led by Godfrey Tsenengamu launched wearing green overalls and berets.

According to my concept an overall is a symbol of workmanship and unity since it is a jumpsuit.

I was encouraging youths to unite and work to build Africa.

I know this idea empowered a lot of people because when it got on high demand many people started duplicating and making them, but I didn’t mind because I believe in the economic emancipation of our people, especially the young people.

If any idea can feed many households then why fight with the people. All I know is my own brand will always be the best.

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Now the business has grown to personalized branding of the car one drives

For orders contact Team Hatirare on: +263772943525



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