Eagles do not soar alone 


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THE need to surround yourself with good role models is a crucial one on the road to reach your destiny. For that reason, I am going to expand on the subject a bit this week.

As you advance in life, you will realise the need to expand your horizons, so while your parents and the old lady in Mbare are wonderful role models like I said last week, depending on what your goals are in life, there may be need to look up to other role models as well.

These are necessary to provide the kind of mentorship needed to negotiate undulating terrains and scale dizzy heights of life.

The wrong assumption that most people make is that those that have made it in life, live in precast walled mansions, drive fast cars and are unapproachable.

They assume that eagles soar alone. While this may be true of some of them, the majority of successful people that I know, have not burnt bridges and are willing to share their hard-earned experiences, if approached in the right way.

Eagles do not soar alone, really, when you come to think about it, they do not mind giving a lesson or two to young eagles, so that they too can learn to glide with the wind. Approach them the right way and you will learn wisdom second only to that of Solomon.

The first rule of dealing with wealthy folks is never to approach them to ask for money.

They never made their money by asking somebody for it, they put in some serious hard work to get it, so naturally they treat with suspicion anybody asking for freebies.

They understand that easy come, easy go. So when you approach them with outstretched hands, you turn them off, because usually if you don’t know what it takes to get it, then you certainly will not know what it takes to keep it.

So how about getting to them with a keen mind, eager to learn new things. When they give their time, do the one thing that we humans find difficult to do in this modern world that we live in. Keep your mouth shut.

You are not there to teach but to be taught. If you knew so much then you would be the one occupying the corner office, with a view down the lake.

When you get in the presence of accomplished people, who usually are busy people anyway, understand that time is their most important commodity.

Do not waste it.

Speak when you are spoken to. Eagles do not soar alone Eagles do not soar alone and please do not get into an argument with them about the price of bread in China, it’s not what you went there for.

Rather be a sponge, absorb as much as you can, as fast as you can. Life is only complicated to the extent that you complicate it.

If you realise very early in life that the river you are about to cross has been crossed before, then you would not need to make your own path but use the one that’s already tried and tested.

Later on after you have crossed, you may improve the path but please do not get stuck on the river because you do not want to cross on somebody else’s boat.

The good book says pride comes before the fall. I am not against uniqueness, there is always a time and place for it but always know that there are things that cannot be reinvented. Like the wheel. Whatever you do, just cross the damn river.


The writer Bevan Makaka is an IT guru and business advisor based in the United States, who attributes his rags to riches testimony to Jesus Christ.


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