The Zimbabwe we want

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By Pastor Chenjerai Kangausaru

Father, I thank you for Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe we want. Everybody shall dwell under his own fig tree.

We are in a transition. Moving to a place where we are becoming God’ s own people.

We are becoming a fruitful trees for your kingdom.

The times of our bareness are passing away. We are raising champions for God. Overcomers, achievers, conquerors and Christians.

We bow before the throne of grace. That we may find favour in times of Covid-19.

Give us today out daily bread.

Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

As a nation deliver us from evil people. As servants of God deliver us from evil people planted amongst us by the devil.

The snare is broken and we are escaped our help comes from the Lord. I come against the demons of corruption in Zimbabwe.

I declare in Zimbabwe we are safe from Covid-19.

Heal our Land, oh, Lord heal our Land.

People living in darkness have seen a great light shining within our borders of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe you will be blessed as you come in and as you go out. Zimbabwe your agricultural sector is blessed.

Your industrial sector is blessed. Members of Parliament are blessed. Our President is our biblical Joseph.

Your judiciary is blessed. God you are restoring dignity to Africa.

Zimbabwe you are the bread basket of Africa.

Your time has come Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe behold your God. The author and finisher of our faith. Zimbabwe it’s time for you to be born it’s your time to blossom.

The long awaited time for your birth pains.

People living in darkness have seen a great light Now it springs forth.

Your salvation has come in this month of June and beyond winning people for God.

Oh Zimbabwe you are so attractive and glorious.

Glorious things will be spoken of there, oh Zimbabwe.

We speak so shall it be.

Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaketh. Zimbabwe we welcome you to progress.

I will play a part and you will play your part towards building it. In due course God won’t remain silent for he loves Zimbabwe.

He is healing our nation. O Lord cry out like a travailing woman and devour your enemies at once. He is covering it with the blood of Jesus, the blood that speaks of better things than the blood of Abel.

This month Zimbabwe get born again. Stay blessed. Jesus Christ is coming soon

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