Moyo’s arrest vindicates Chamisa’s corruption stance?


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THE recent arrest of Health minister Obadiah Moyo over the abuse of Covid-19 funds has further dampened the spirit of the would-be beneficiaries of the funds in our impoverished communities.

This is the kind of negative publicity that the country does not need at a time when we are facing a global pandemic that has stretched the budgets of even the rich countries that assist the poorer nations in such a crisis.

The response from the US government tells it all, they can’t trust this government with even one penny of public funds.

And following this scandal, who can question the motive of the world superpower?

The corruption scandal aptly earned the Covidgate flies in the face of those who are calling for the removal of US sanctions on Zimbabwe and vindicate the call by the opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa for the government to stem the corruption vice.

It would be tempting for this publication to point a finger at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s family for corruption particularly his son’s alleged involvement in the scandal.

However, the four-decade Zanu PF rule is littered with such cases in which the communities have been shortchanged by an institution whose constitutional mandate is to serve and protect their interests.

That Mnangagwa who has been part of that government since independence would be able to deal decisively with corruption is a tough call.

Mr President you owe the nation true leadership qualities, you owe the people who came out in support of the military-backed regime change process that ushered in your presidency through the removal of  Robert Mugabe’s  autocratic leadership.

It’s never too late, you wield the power to make amends, you can and are able to unite this country in a genuine and selfless healing process that would bring good governance free from any sense of entitlement.

Remember this are the same people who were prepared to witness a fresh start fronted by an inclusive government not a corrupted Chinhu Chedu Zanu PF mindset.

Sadly, such a mindset has triggered the looting of State resources that has led to poor service delivery in the country.

History has shown that those who are a leader’s cronies can make an about turn to force him to resign as a vote of no confidence notwithstanding the fact that were a part of the underfire government.

The communities are alive to the fact that the world-over the government is the custodian of all the aspects of service delivery in a nation and, therefore, is accountable for the mess that may arise, as is the case in Zimbabwe.

While the matters are before the courts and still subjudice, we pray that the Judiciary system in the country is not found wanting.

Could this be another catch and release tactic by the Zanu PF government to sanitise the involvement of members of the first family is another popular sentiment among the citizens of our country?

Could this be a case of failing to do due diligence by appointing people mired in corruption to critical positions in government?

The answer to these questions rests with our Judiciary system, and it must be stressed that our laws state that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

The allegations that Moyo is facing are serious and cut across two permanent secretaries in the ministry that he has led for a short period flowing his appointment which courted controversy the minute it became public knowledge.

Could the court of public opinion be proven right as a democratic process rejected his ambition to became a member of Parliament in Chitungwiza, where his star reportedly shone at a hospital he was the chief administrator.

It is argued that the communities know better the people who masquerade as white-nights-in-shining armour, yet taking a closer look would reveal that  all that glitters is not gold.

It may also be in the opportune time for Moyo to clear his name following persistent reports that  a damning audit report while he was at the helm of Chitungwiza Central Hospital was swept under the carpet.



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