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US Church talk show provides spiritual tonic to Zim community

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LET’S Chat is a talk show livestreamed on Zim Community News Live Facebook page that was birthed in order to reach out many families who on lockdown in their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The talk show hosted by Thabani Dube popularly known as Pastor TD, currently airs on Thursdays on Facebook at 7 pm Dallas time and plans on hosting many different subject matter experts in an attempt to reach out and help people to continuously grow spiritually

It aims at addressing different topics that people struggle with such as dealing with offenses, forgiveness, emotional abuse and understanding love to name just but a few.

After the lockdown, a lot of content began to surface on social media platforms, most of which was purely entertainment.

Even though people needed to be entertained so as to take their minds off the stressful news of the increasing numbers of people claimed by the virus, they also needed content that would also help them spiritually and remind them of their Christian values.

Speaking to the producer and host of the talk show, Dube, a former ZTV continuity presenter and an associate Pastor at Harvest International Church based in Dallas, Texas, he said that even though the Covid-19 pandemic had shut down church buildings, it had not shut down the Church.

It had actually provided a bigger platform to minister and connect to even more people than they were reaching within the four corners of their church buildings.

After the State announced the lockdown, a lot of things changed and the church programmes were interrupted and the only thing that they were left doing was streaming the Sunday services.

It was a time to adjust and learn the ins and outs of online streaming.

We had to invest money into getting more media equipment and softwares after realising this was going to be our way of doing church for a while.

It was then his wife, Rumbidzai Dube asked why he was not using his little experience in broadcasting to host a program online during the week that would address the many challenges affecting people, it was then that the idea of Let’s Chat was birthed under the umbrella of Harvest International Church.


He pitched the idea to the Senior Pastor Emanuel Sundire who quickly endorsed it

The idea was very easy to execute as the technical team headed by Mcneto Charles and Ropafadzo Sundire quickly caught the vision and ran with it.

He said their mission as Harvest International Church has always been to reach more souls and would use any opportunity and platform available to further the message of the Cross.

The Dallas based church has been well-known for presenting a platform to many Zimbabwe gospel artistes to minister in the US

Musicians such as Takesure Ncube, Mathias Mhere Mkululi Bhebhe, Rev Chivaviro  and Mercy Mutsvene among others.

Life in the Diaspora is not as easy as people back home think. It is very busy and sometimes people forfeit their social times due to work but we realised producing shows and hosting musicians from home was a way of connecting people together and making sure that people disconnect from their busy schedules and pressures of life as people would take every opportunity to attend such shows.

The church which is led by Pastor Emanuel and his wife Calister Sundire, was also in the news last year for coming back home to reach out and assist those that are disadvantaged.

The Senior Pastor accompanied by philanthropist Bevan Makaka were able to meet a lot of people and provided many basic needs in an act of showing the love of Christ and since then it was decided this was going to be an annual event to be expanded to reach more families bacblblessinndicated that they have many church members that are involved in many different projects apart from the church charity programme that they launched last year and that on its own is a blblessing

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