Zim lobbyist’s 100-day anti-sanctions, corruption campaign blocked

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DESPITE the blocking of his social media accounts youth empowerment leader James Pande has vowed to continue the fight against external sanctions imposed by the US and what he termed internal sanctions in the form of rampant corruption as both have brought the country’s economy to its knees.

Pande, who has been lobbying on Twitter and Facebook for the removal of sanctions by the US for the past 24 days in a 100-day campaign said he may have been misunderstood hence the blocking of his accounts.

“Corruption is our own sanctions and needs to be dealt with ruthlessly. So I am fighting both corruption and economic sanctions and on Donald Trump’s birthday I joined the Trump Supporters group and posted a message: “ Happy Birthday Mr President, I hope by the next birthday sanctions will be history in our country”.

According to Pande the messages reached about 6 000 people and had almost 400 likes and 21 shares from the group members.

“I continued with my 100-day tweet campaign, posting everyday, tagging President Donald Trump, Secretary Pompey, UN, US Embassy Harare EU in Zimbabwe, US Senator Foreign urging them to remove sanctions on the economy.

“On day 24 I found myself blocked both on the Facebook group and Twitter, however, my messages were never provoking or a fight but a concern and the question was are sanctions a wise conflict management tool?

“As young people we have noted with concern that the corrupt continue to loot hiding behind these sanctions and the economy is in shambles with no jobs so actually there is no achievement by the sanctions.”

“I am not going to give up the fight but will double up my efforts until one day I meet one on one with the President of the United States to engage on this subject.”

He also welcomed the initiative by a US company John Deere which had delivered tractors, combine harvesters and farm equipment to Zimbabwe’s

We hope this programme will go a long way to empower the poor of the poorest young people in the country not only the elite with access.”

Pande also said the youths were waiting to see if the recent warnings to deal with corrupt leaders by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Commander of the Defence Forces General Philip Valerio Sibanda was going to be put into action.

The question is: Who are these untouchables and when is the end coming? We have heard this song being played since Robert Mugabe’s time until today. Lip service won’t take the country forward.”

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