Zanu PF recalling MDC Alliance MPs: Chamisa


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MDC-A leader Nelson Chamisa has said Zanu PF was behind the victimisation of his MPs in Parliament who were chosen by the people.

Chamisa made clear his party’s position on the recent recall of his MPs from Parliament by the rival MDC T.

Chamisa gave the clearest indication that the MDC-A was now a separate party, that participated in the past elections and had nothing to do with the MDC T and its congress to chose a new leader.

The Thokozani Khuphe-led MDC T has so far recalled 13 MPs following a recent Supreme Court ruling.

Chamisa told South African broadcaster NCA that the Supreme Court had ruled that the MDC T not the MDC-A should hold an extra ordinary congress to choose its own leader.

He added that following the ruling the Zanu PF government has accelerated its plot to subvert the will of the people expressed in the last presidential elections.

He reiterated his party’s position that he garnered 2.6 million votes, enough to defeat the his rival President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

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