Linia ‘The Vessel’ Mhomwa sings Prophet Makandiwa’s message


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GOSPEL music minister Linia Mhomwa, popularly known as The Vessel, has boldy refused to be poor, taking a cue from United Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s  teachings, a message in her latest track entitled Handidi Nhamo.

The Vessel said  the song released in 2016 topped  the respected Christ TV top 10 gospel chats, was inspired by Prophet Makandiwa’s teachings against poverty.

“They are so many things that inspired the writing of this song, above all is the Holy Spirit, followed by my Spiritual parents and  mentors Mom Ruth and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

“When l thought l was done with the song l realised that  l had not even started. The song is doing so well on the social media.

Mhonwa said money is not the root of evil but the love of it is the root.

“Infact, money answereth all problems says the word of God. Without money you can’t serve God well that means it helps us love God better and it helps us express love to other people better.

“For you to be a philanthropist you need money.

The song was  also inspired by the economic challenges prevailing in the nation where everyone is hustling to make sure that ends meet and  there is food is on the table.

“Everyone is praying for a million dollar idea to catapult self to a better life hence this song is a prayer that accompanies the hustler.

She added that the declarations “rugare huya kani, huya mumba mangu, gara pano” reminds me of her now late mother, Elizabeth Mutombe.

“She used to play and sing along Marshal Munhumumwe’s song  ‘huya ndikusiire vana vangu nhai rugare’.”

“People are loving the song  everyone needs a special idea something that can just change things for the better.”

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