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UAE company sues NSSA for US$210k 

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SMART LINK, a company based in United Arab Emirates has hauled the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) to the High Court where it is claiming its US$210 000 arising from a debt it failed to fulfill in 2018.

In its declaration, Smart Link said sometime in 2018, the two parties entered into a contract after Smart Link was awarded a tender to develop and implement a self- service portal  for NSSA at a total cost of US$221 250.

The parties then entered an addendum for additional works and Smart Link was contracted again for the designing and integration of the self-service portal with banks and telecommunications companies to facilitate online payments.

“It was a further term for the contract of the work quoted plaintiff (Smart Link) would charge USD234 000 and it was agreed that the quoted price would be paid as follows;

“100% upon signing of the agreement, 60% being payable to Smark Lnik bank account in Dubai and the other 40% payable to the local account in the name of Global Smartlink,” said Smartlink.

The total amount in terms of the tender and the addendum agreement to be paid by NSSA was US$435 250 but NSSA only managed to pay US225 250 and to date has failed to settle the debt.

“Plaintiff proceeded to carry out its obligations in terms of the agreement to the satisfaction of the defendant(NSSA).The defendant paid US$225 250 and an outstanding balance of  US$210 000 remains unpaid to date.

“Despite numerous demands the defendant has failed and or neglected to pay the plaintiff the outstanding amount, notwithstanding acknowledging of the debt. Plaintiff has taken all necessary steps in engaging the defendant through mutual consultations as provided for by in the agreement but all efforts have been futile,” said Smartlink.

Therefore, it is praying for an order that it be paid the balance of $210 000 and payment of interest at the rate of 2 percent per month calculated from July 2018 to date of final payment and pays for the cost of suit on attorney client scale.

NSSA is yet to file its appearance to defend on the case.


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