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Tete Mukariri

Hubby now refusing sex

HOW are you Mama? My wife cheated on me and I caught her redhanded. It’s now over two weeks. We talked about it and I forgave her, but the problem is that I am not ready for sex yet. She is making advances, but am still digesting and working on building my affection for her. Now she is saying it means I have not forgiven her. Please help me, am I wrong to give this some time?

Group Member Response (GMR): This man is a real Christian, very few men will forgive their wives and move on with them in such situations. The wife should give him time and not try and rush this forgiving hubby and start accusing him, yet she is the trouble causer. The man is not wrong at all. He really needs time to heal, just like what women do when they discover that there is a small house. The wife should just respect the decision of her hubby. Give him some time heal for sure. Another man would have told her to pack her bags and go to her rural home for a while or forever.

(GMR): I think the wife just wants to rush matters so that everything quickly returns to normal instead of thanking God that she is still in her matrimonial home.  She should mend her ways and be more loving to melt the hubby’s heart and bring back the love he once had for her. She has to regain her husband’s trust fast.

(GMR): Hubby is not wrong. Wife should give him time to heal.

(GMR): Both sides need time to heal, even if the wife were to come across such a situation she will also need that time because these are matters of the heart. While he may not be able to suggest a time frame for the healing process, a broken heart is not easy to mend. She must apply all tricks and show that she is now genuine.

(GMR): She must pray for that person and he must hear your confession before God asking him to forgive you.

(GMR): Buy a gift or send an ‘I am sorry card’ if you have money or something that he will remember as your apology and avoid any suspicious actions, if it’s about the phone distance yourself from WhatsApp and spend time with him.

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