Not too late for Zim dialogue


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OUR nation is at a crossroads, while the recent surge in Covid-19 cases is not peculiar to Zimbabwe alone but is a global trend, our politics is certainly peculiar in that its polarisation can be a major stumbling block in our efforts to curb the pandemic.

Deep-seated political differences that sprung over four decades ago remain in today’s political discourse that has regrettably seen the resurgence of the liberation war mantra to instill fear on citizens.

At a time we need political heroes who will champion the fight against the effects of Covid-19, sadly our memories are being taken back to the liberation struggle and on how the Zanu PF government stole a people’s vote.

While these issues may have substance, unfortunately for the frontline health worker and the vulnerable people in society who are struggling to eke out a living, and therefore at the mercy of the deadly virus, it means little or nothing at all.

It is with this in mind that we support the call by churches for national dialogue to take place urgently, to bring political stability in the country and enable a common front to fight the battle.

To president Emmerson Mnangagwa you have been in politics for a long time and know that there is time to dialogue for the common good.

We urge you to engage the influential opposition leader Nelson Chamisa in talks just as your predecessor Robert Mugabe engaged Morgan Tsvangirai to come up with an inclusive government  whose positive  effect on the economy are beyond any doubts.

We are not downplaying the need to engage other stakeholders including members of Polad but what is clear is that such engagement has yielded little so far.

Could it be because we are putting the cart before the horse to beef up our own political egos while the nation bleeds?

We pray that this is not a fight to fatten our pockets and plunder the country’s resources as alluded to by the opposition.

To Mr Chamisa, you are the future and the future starts now.

Whatever decisions you make right now will make or break you.





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