Separate wheat from tares at harvest time

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I BELIEVE that, by now, most of you understand that the purpose of this column is to challenge you to reach for the stars and inspire you to give life your best shot.

Granted, the journey of life is littered with so many obstacles and hurdles that each of us will need to overcome in order to make our stay here worthwhile.

I must admit that, while I write every week to give others wings to fly, I am still on this journey myself and sometimes, after a hard day’s work, I find myself exhausted too.

Sometimes you are up, sometimes you’re down, you rise and you fall, then you rise again.
Such are the vicissitudes of life.

It would be wrong for me to put myself on a pedestal and pretend as if I have mastered the art of living.
No Sir, no Ma’am, it’s just that I figured if I had to wait to be perfect before I start encouraging others, I might find myself waiting a whole lifetime.

The last time I checked I discovered no human being who can claim such lofty heights of perfection especially while they are still breathing.

So I chose to share my experiences with you hoping that per chance I might inspire a fellow traveller here and a weary soul, there, that if I am doing it, you too need to keep on keeping on.

It is obvious to me that in the process I make myself vulnerable because when you share your heart with anyone, you risk getting it broken or at worst crushed.

It is understandable then when some choose to keep to themselves and maintain a low profile, hoping that the world will leave them alone.

Mind your own business they tell you. Like this dude in Highfields, Harare in Zimbabwe who refused to go to work in the morning, after he had dreamt of being hit by a car the previous night only to be hit by a car that very morning while sunbathing on his patio.

In the ambulance, on his way to the hospital, he must have been thinking, what the heck, I should have just tried to go to work!!!

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!!!

I guess by now you are wondering where I am headed with all this. Well here it is my friends. I read somewhere in the Good Book where the Good Lord said, you might as well allow the wheat and the tares grow together and separate them at harvest time whereby their fruit you will be able to tell which is what.

Society inundates us with messages every day, telling us which type of people to get rid of in life and which ones to keep.

To some extent, I agree with that, it is necessary to rid yourself of toxic people in your life in order to move to the next level.

However, the longer I live, the more I realise that it’s very difficult to separate sheep from the wolves especially if the wolves are wearing sheep’s skin.

At some point betrayers look like lovers and vice-versa.

Since I am talking so much about the Bible today, let me conclude with a story borrowed from the Scriptures.

I bet you, if you had asked that man in one of them Scriptures, before he fell into them robbers who his neighbour was, he would have said the priest or the Levite.

But as some of you know it turned out a Samaritan was the one who picked him up and helped him.
I am learning in life that things aren’t always what they seem to be.

If you are not sure who is friend or foe, give it time, harvest is around the corner and soon you will know the truth.

Focus on the bigger picture, refuse to be distracted and like they say time will tell.
I rest my case.

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