In the midst of a storm, remain calm, like Jesus


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ONE of the biggest challenges in life is to stay calm when all hell is breaking loose around you. To never get worked up, when things are not going your way.

I was amazed to read somewhere in the Bible of how the main protagonist, Jesus, was sleeping in a boat while a huge storm was raging outside and his disciples were at their wit’s end.

They woke him up to discover, much to their great delight and amazement that while he was man enough to sleep, he was still God enough to command the storm to cease.

Well this was Jesus. What about us mere mortals, what do we do when we find ourselves in situations that threaten our very own existence and we are driven to despair, so much that we begin to question our very own sanity.

Like at this very moment when we are driven nuts by a pandemic that is stubbornly refusing to go away and threatening to divide us.

When you watch the news, sometimes you wonder if we as a people of the world have actually forgotten that the virus is the enemy here, not each other.

Thinking about this the other day, took me back in time, to my childhood. During the school holidays we used to visit our grandparents in the rural areas, either my paternal grandparents in Wedza or my maternal ones in Chihota.

To be honest with you, I had no preferences really for both folks were just wonderful to me. Being the hyper-active boy that I was, I am quite amazed when I look back at the things that I could get away with during my stay in the country side.

I always loved the fact that grandpa was the only man in the whole world who could tell my father that he could not lift a finger at me when I misbehaved because, really, the fruit had not fallen far from the tree.

I would smile inside looking at my old man, after all I was just a chip off the old block. You bet, raising my own son now, I am not smiling any more, especially when I take him to his grandparents’ place and he starts being naughty.

I don’t dare say anything to him because my Dad’s look would be saying it all.

Anyway, back to my story. When I was in the rural areas I loved going to the river, mainly to swim in the warm afternoon waters, of course.

Beyond that, though, I loved to sit on a stone and just watch the water flow down the river and cascade down the meandering stream.

It brought a certain calmness to my soul, the kind of soothing that you can also find in good music, the kind that I listen to.


Those years are long gone now but the fond memories remain, etched at the back of my mind. Now, whenever I am facing the pressures of life and there is one storm raging outside and another one inside of me (I have not yet figured out which one of these is the worst storm), I still go down to the lake and let the water work it’s magic.

And I love it when it rains. I am not ashamed to say that I sit at my window and watch the rain and allow my mind to drift away a little bit.

If it’s not raining and I cannot go to the lake, I take a ride in my car and drive along the highway listening to some good music.

But I am glad that when all this fails, I still have Jesus to calm down the storm. Mostly the one inside.

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