Homeschooling teacher earns respect among parents in Greendale

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 A HARARE school teacher has withstood the numerous challenges faced by most in her profession in the country and vowed to keep on with her passion to empower children through one-on-one home tuition.

The 34-year old Karen Hurn, who has 15 years’ experience in teaching three to five-year olds both academically and practically, is making a name for herself in Greendale suburb where she runs her homeschooling project.

Hurn recently revealed to ZCN Education that while she was targeting children aged from three to five years, she was also able to take care of toddlers and teach Grade 1s if the situation demanded.

“I assist children with their homework, and other ECD work while the parents are busy at work or managing their business.

She revealed that her journey in her profession was not an *easy* one as children can be difficult at times and she has been at the receiving end of ill treatment for employers.

“Some children are very stubborn and don’t want to listen but the success story is when they go home and talk about their teacher you know you are doing a good job.

She added that teachers should be treated more respect by parents.

“The good thing is that during the lockdown parents have now realised how important teachers are. We are one of the most important people in your child’s life as we spend more time with them.”

Hurn, who revealed that she took up teaching while she was very young in order to take care of her mum who is  a single parent, has plans to look after old people at a later stage in her life, funds permitting.

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