Fast-rising Vee Musakanye’s music ministers to her


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HIGH-FLYING songstress Violet Musakanye has revealed that singing and writing gospel music had impacted a lot on her faith in God as she viewed herself as part of the audience apart from the fans.

Musakanye said this on Friday during an interview with Zim Community News following the release of a single and video entitled ‘Mukana Nenguva’ .

“Gospel music has taught me to trust in God, through writing and singing I have become my own audience, being ministered to with my own songs.

“To those who listen to my songs they testify God’s goodness and the hope they get through listening to my songs, I thank God for that” she said.

She said the song ‘Mukana Nenguvava’ was  an invitation to come to Christ and make everything right while we still have time and chance to do that.

“The Bible says seek the Lord whilst He may be found, there shall come a time when no chance will be granted to anyone. It emphasises that only the pure in Spirit will make it to Heaven” she added.

Violet added that she got inspiration from her mother and other gospel musicians among them  Olinda Marowa, Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave and Donna Chibaya.

She advised fellow musicians to desist from competitive spirit, but to run their own race at the same time helping each other.

Musakanye is a young woman who has a passion  for preaching and healing people through music and her discography includes one album and three singles.


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