Success Coach: Punctuality is everything


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I HAVE observed that, in our everyday life, most people find it completely okay, to arrive late for an appointment, function or even church.

Not only that but even more annoying is the fact that a good number of such folks, do not even feel the need to apologise when that happens.

And if they have a certain amount of clout, they will have the audacity to have the programme start all over again just to satisfy their curiosity.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes a programme gets delayed because some big honcho has not arrived on time and in the end everybody gets to go home soaking wet in the rain because one person delayed everything.

When I was growing up, back there in the Ghetto, it was normal to hear somebody say, I’m almost there when they knew fully well that they were still miles away from “there”.

And they would saunter to the place, without as much as a blush, finding no shame at all for such behavior.

While I found this to be offending, what bothered me even more is the fact that I found myself doing the very same thing, maybe, because I had seen such bad habits modeled all around me.

It is easy to normalise certain habits without realising that in the long run they would end up limiting your potential.


There are some people who are so late for everything that I wouldn’t be surprised if they were late for their own funeral.

Think about this for a moment, do you realize that people even show up late for an appointment with God.

Yeah, they do, they arrive hours after church has already started and I mean, folks, if you cannot even be on time for your Maker, who then are you gonna be punctual for.

I do not know all the reasons why people are late but one thing I have noticed, especially at parties is that everybody wants to make a big entrance even when they know that they are not the main act for the occasion.

So what ends up happening is that everybody is waiting for everybody to arrive and as a result everybody ends up arriving late and programs get messed up.

In my mother language, you hear people say, handiende nokuti hakusati kwa nevanhu (I won’t go because there are no people there), as if the one saying that is a giraffe or the king of the jungle himself. You are the people, fool. I mean, come on folks, we can do better than this.

If this was the rest of the story, you could blame it on human imperfection and say, you know what we are human, every now and then we are gonna miss an appointment or two, what’s the big deal.

But wait until the same folks get a word on the street that freebies are being distributed somewhere and they will show up in there four hours before time.

Have you ever noticed how stadiums fill up before time whenever there is a big football match. Well a number of those folks are the same ones who show up late for church or even work.

If you’re gonna amount to much in your life, you have to learn very quickly to be on time for things. Make it your habit to keep your word and arrive early for appointments even with people you consider to be “unimportant”.

And by the way make it your custom to apologise if for an reason you fail to be on time or meet a deadline.

I have noticed that bosses are okay with somebody who give it to them straight and let them know in advance if they are not gonna be able to reach a target on time, so that they can do some contingency planning.

As far as making a big entrance, come on now, you cannot be the star of every show. There has to be times when you must realize that it’s not about you and celebrate other people and make them feel special because they too are fearfully and wonderfully made.

So, I said all that to say this. Be on time.

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