African gospel artistes strike a chord against child ritual murders

...condemn grisly killing of Murehwa boy


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IN ONE of the most touching moments in the local music industry, gospel musicians drawn from Africa including a foreign diplomat’s wife, have united in song to confront the rampant satanic practice of ritual murders targeting children.

The musical project launched in Zimbabwe by top music producer Lyton Ngolomi, is the brainchild of United Kingdom-based musician Lewis Ngara.

It debuted yesterday with the release on social media of a powerful song entitled Tinyareiwo: The Collabo Volume 1, with the video set to come out later this week.

The well-composed track, is in response to the recent grisly killing of Tapiwa Makore, a seven-year old Murehwa boy.

While his decapitated torso and legs were discovered when neighbours’ dogs were found feasting on his body parts, the head is still missing.

The gory discovery led to the arrest of Tapiwa’s uncle, who is also the victim’s namesake, on allegations of murdering his nephew for ritual purposes.

Tafadzwa Shamba, the uncle’s domestic worker was the first suspect to be nabbed, and implicated his employer.

During police investigations, Shamba indicated that he had cut off the boy’s head with a knife while the uncle held a touch at night at a nearby mountain.

As the investigations intensify, police recently picked-up a traditional healer for questioning.

After the murder was extensively reported in foreign media, it is no surprise that the music project, apart from roping in Zimbabwean musicians based locally and abroad, has also attracted artistes from Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Local artistes featuring in the first collabo are Tau Ngara, Phammy Macheka, Pastor Matende, Lazzie T, Freedom Sharimo, Audrey Chirimuuta, Lyton Ngolomi, Luckmore Ngwanda and Aaron Juru while Mozambican diplomat’s wife Feliz Da Vida and Dispatch from the DRC added foreign flavour to the project.

Ngolomi, who produced the album, thanked the Ngara family for their support.

“Baba Ngara and family may God bless you for initiating this project. I am grateful for the time and effort that everyone in the project invested. It was not easy for them considering that they had to pay for the recording in order to send the vocals to me. May God bless them.

“I would also want to say tinyareiwo pavana vedu, please hands off our children, they deserve to live and enjoy a future.”

Ngolomi added that is was the beginning of similar projects that will touch on different themes affecting the communities.

“This is Volume 1, we are planning to do these projects up to Volume 6 or even further.

Ngara said although he initiated the project and helped to group different artistes of various talents into five different groups for Volumes 1 to 6 and sourced funds from volunteers from the Lyt-On fan group, he did no come up with the themes

“I am sure the producer and the members came up with the themes.”

Commenting on the murder, Ngara, whose wife Tau also comes from Murehwa, said his family was distraught and shaken when they heard the news.

Feliz Da Vida said the evil practice was rampant not only in Zimbabwe but everywhere.

“We sing in different languages, I bring  out the   issue in Portuguese language, basically we are saying: Who then do we trust if in our inner circle we are abused?

Another UK-based local musician Phammy Macheka said the brutal murder had called on the musicians to unite against evil.

“As a parent I felt robbed of my own child and the issue of rituals should be condemned in every society.”

Local musician pastor Norest Matende implored the nation to join them in the fight against such evil practices.


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