Kawara eyes gospel ‘Shaina’


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AFRO-FUSION musician Alexio Kawara is set to hog the limelight again, but this time in the gospel music industry, with the release of a song thanking God for what he has done in his life.

The ‘Shaina’ hitmaker bared his soul to Zim Community News Gospel that the track entitled ‘Pamuchinjikwa’ was a praise song that glorifies God.

Kawara stressed that he was now a born-again Christian and, therefore, it was his duty to sing like one.

“In a nutshell, I am a new man now and so I sing like one” he said.

The Shades of Black frontman said the best way an artist can be effective in the industry is to portray themselves as who they really are.

“I will spread the good news of Christ through my God-given talent” he added.

“This song is my appreciation to God for making me realise that all this time He has been reaching out to me through love through the life and death of His son Jesus Christ.

“I realise how lost I was in thinking that I can be a Christian on the surface when the relationship with God is much deeper than that,” he said.

Kawara said that while in the past he had sung gospel songs, this time it was different in that he was singing with more depth.

“I have always done gospel songs but maybe not up to the depth of the one that I am working on.

“I have two gospel songs already recorded and released, namely ‘Chemera Jesu’ and ‘Ishe Jesu Varipo’ from my previous albums” he said.




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