Ntini shines for Emawabeni


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 GOSPEL musician, Memezi Ntini has revealed that his musical journey was a calling in which he preaches repentance in order to save people, rather than a way of making money.

In an interview with Zim Community News, Ntini said that his music preaches to people to turn away from their bad ways and return to the Lord.

“Many people these days say they are Christians, when they are doing things against the Lord.”

In his latest album Ayisibobonke which means it’s not everyone, Ntini said he wrote this album after realising that it’s not everyone who talks about God whose deeds are right before the Lord.

“Christian these days have normalised sins. The message of the gospel music soothes the heart of those who are in pain and encourages the souls that are in despair.

He guides us when we get lost, he explained how gospel music helps in people’s repentance.

Ntini added that before he became a gospel musician he was inspired by South African musician Shongwe.

He turned away from his evil deeds and quit alcohol and begun working for the Lord which guided him and grew his faith until he became one.

Ntini advised fellow gospel musicians to embrace social media to market themselves and spread the word of God to the world.



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