Teachers’ strike: Parents paying ‘double fees’


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CASH-STRAPPED parents are now forced to fork out more money for their children’s education at a time they are reeling from the economic hardships escalated by the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

This comes amid the nationwide industrial action by teachers that has paralysed the education sector.

The teachers are demanding a salary hike in United States dollars and an improvement in their working  conditions.


Most students who are set to write examinations this year are now going for extra lessons.


In an interview with Zim Community News, one of the parents at a local college school who chose to be anonymous said he was paying $40US   per month for the extra lessons of his daughter  which is five  dollars a  subject.

“At school where my child is learning teachers are conducting extra lessons and I have no option than to pay so that my child will not be lagging behind in her studies.

“Right now I don’t have  a choice because teachers are not teaching during school hours and my child will be  affected if I don’t pay these extra lessons,” the parent said.

One of the students who learns at a high school in Masvingo (name supplied) said they were doing extra lessons in teachers’ offices.

“Those who don’t not have money for the extra lessons will not attend and they will be playing outside while others are learning.”

One of the parents appealed to government to resolve the crisis in the education sector because some of the children were being affected as they were not attending extra lessons because of lack of money yet they are also expected to sit for their final examinations.

Government has banned teachers from charging extra lessons.


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