Extra lessons cushion striking teachers


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STRIKING teachers were now surviving on extra lessons to cushion themselves during the ongoing strike in which they are demanding a living wage from government.

Due to the current stalemate in negotiations to end the strike many parents were left with no option but to send their children for extra lessons as most operations at schools were paralysed due to the absence of teachers.

The headmasters are overwhelmed with the burden of attending to thousands of children who are back at school following the Covid-19 induced closure, are now forced to turn away learners due to a rise in immoral activities.

In an interview with Zim Community News, parents expressed their concern over the absence of teachers in schools which did not bode well for their children’s education.

“Teachers are not going to schools and our children are going to school to play and sometimes end up getting involved in immoral activities because they will not have control from teachers,” a resident said.

Some parents have resorted to the idea of sending their children to extra lessons.

“I am now sending my children to attend extra lessons with others because I fear that they will fail if continue to stay at home as at school most the times they spend playing,” another resident said.


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