Letty Chawira video guns for 10 000 views


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GOSPEL artiste Letty Chawira’s latest video of her song ‘Heal our land’ has appealed to fans to like her video on YouTube and spread the message of love and healing by sharing the track.

The video t is now aiming to reach over 20 000 people views on You during a short period of time.

The song entitled ‘Heal Our Land’ is the title track from her latest album ‘Prayers and Praises’ which was released in April 2020.

Chawira told Zim Community News that she was aggressively marketing by the response she is getting from the fans on her video as that has never happened before.

“The responses are so overwhelming, I’m really excited, it’s something that has never happened on all my projects, reaching 10k views within 48 hours. This really means a lot,” she recently  said.

Chawira wrote the song after she discovered the challenges Africans were facing due to corruption, violence and also it has turned to be a prophetic song in this situation of Covid-19.

She also said the song was s also sung in different languages.

She plans to release more videos from her album ‘Prayers and Praises’ next year


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