Doing good is right, must be done


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THERE are things in life, that must be done, simply because it is just right to do them. We live in a world where quid pro quo is the order of the day and most folks will never embark on anything where profit is not the motive.

I dig that, I mean bills gotta be paid and a brother or sister gotta run some errands.

As they say money makes the world go round. So if one needed to be selfish there will be so many reasons to justify it.

Our profit-driven world would have you believe that you are somehow being short-changed if you take time to work on the needs of others as opposed to just what pertains to you.

The misery of us humans is that we see things as either black or white, red or blue, not understanding that there is a whole lot grey or purple in between.

Those that write self-help books or the so-called life coaches who run motivational gigs are so smooth that they will sell ice to an Eskimo.

They have this simplified, superficial worldview where society is divided between the haves and have-nots.

And by their definition the haves are those who hustle and make something out of their lives and the have-nots are the losers who watch television every minute and never make it in life. I wish that life was that simple.

Any casual reader of this column will obviously notice that I am a proponent of hard work and reaping where you have sown.

However,  I am not blind or deaf to the fact that life, sometimes, just happens and things seldom turn out the way we had intended.

The long and short of it is that stuff happens and even those of us who are meticulous planners will every now and then run into that fork on the road.

Let’s take the year 2020 as an example.

Nobody predicted that a pandemic was gonna come into our orbit. People that had saved a ton of money ended up having to withdraw those savings and using them to buy food or pay hospital bills for their loved ones.

Almost overnight, life just changed and most folks found themselves without employment and their livelihoods lost.

Some, unfortunately lost and are still losing loved ones to this devastating scourge. Life as we know it will probably not return to the kind of normal we were used to, in a long time.

No one can prepare for these kind of eventualities, you just kind of take it in stride.

My point is this, those who find themselves in the grey areas of life, through no fault of their own or even because of past mistakes in their life, need the help of good men and women, who help because it’s the right thing to do.

And those who help, whether you wanna call them heroes, heroines or simply Joe (pun intended), will find themselves on the good side of history.

Generations in the future would look back and say, somebody didn’t starve in 2020 because a good person opened a food bank, a Good Samaritan opened a soup kitchen and frontline workers did extra shifts to help those in greatest need.

Evil did not overwhelm us because noble people did what was right because it was right.

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