Mai Patai now AFM pastor


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GOSPEL musician Respina Patai, is thankful for what God has done for her in her life following her recent graduation in theology studies to become an Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) pastor.

The Mazambara hit-maker, who is popularly known in the local music industry as Mai Patai, told Zim Community News that it was not easy to successfully complete her studies.

“I thank God for His sufficient Grace.

“The journey wasn’t easy at all, but because of God’s grace, I managed to accomplish my studies,” she said.

Mai Patai added that being an AFM in Zimbabwe pastor was her greatest achievement.

“It’s an honour for me to be an AFM in Zimbabwe Pastor because AFM Living Waters Theological Seminary is usually known by producing best products so I’m proud of that,” she said.

She revealed that she working on a new song that praises God for his grace upon her graduation.

“Right I want to work on a new project which may be released in December as a thanks giving to the Almighty and my loyal fans,” she said.

Mai Patai said she will never quit music.

“I’m not going to abandon my music field but it’s an added advantage to music field for I now know to interpret and exegete the bible well.

“I promise that I’ll be a full time musician, I have my music family at heart so I will try to release more music to cover up all those three years which I wasn’t fully participating in the music field when I was at college,” she said.

She encouraged gospel artistes to know the Bible well so as to sing the true gospel.

“It is essential especially for the gospel artiste to study and be knowledgeable of the word of God because as gospel artistes you will be able to sing the true gospel, the gospel of truth not heresy.”

“As an artist, you may have influence somewhere somehow, so it’s good to influence the world to do and follow the right path according to true gospel.

“There’s also a quote which says ‘knowledge conquer fear’, by studying you will not be afraid of anything to preach the gospel because you will be able to interpret the bible in a good way,” she said.

Mai Patai turned 42 the day before her graduation which she mentions a ‘double portion of blessings’ from the Almighty.


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