Patience Mandizha glorifies God for his mercy


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GOSPEL musician Patience Masiyambiri Mandizha has released a single that gives glory to God for His mercy which endures forever.

Mandizha said her song entitled ‘Giroriya’ (Glory) was about glorifying God regardless of  negative situations one may face.

“Giroriya is a single that I released on November 23, it is a song were I glorify God for his mercies in our lives.

“He is a mighty God, we have been facing a lot of challenges during this pandemic, we have lost our relatives, our close friends, others lost jobs.

“So many things did not go well this year but still we just glorify God because he has reason, everything that happens in our lives God has a purpose,” she said.

She was grateful for the positive responses from her fans.

“The responses are overwhelming, so amazing we are receiving a great response from people some all walks of life and we are really thankful to God,” Mandizha said.

She added that during the production stage she had to work very hard for her project to succeed.

“This year things were never really well because of the pandemic so I had to juggle, I had to hustle for the project to be a success.

“We couldn’t get as much sponsorship because of the pandemic and I also understood that things were  not well for everyone, but I thank God that we finally managed to release the single both audio and video though it was tough.”

Mandizha encouraged upcoming artistes to be original and work hard to achieve whatever they want to achieve by the grace of God.






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