Hats off to unheralded Diaspora heroes


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The editor and staff of Zim Community News wish our readers a very happy and exciting festive season holidays.

However, our appeal is particularly directed towads parents to be extra careful with their budgets and not to be taken away by the pressures that come at this time to recklessly spend money on non-essentials.

As responsible people parents cannot do that  and then  struggle to pay  their children’s school fees come January.

Times are not well, there are a lot of economic challenges that have also been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We should, therefore, be careful how we spend our meagre resources.

The pandemic was a double blow which shrinked the economic space through lockdowns and triggered a rise in the cost of some goods.

In a country in which most of the citizens are now eking out a living in the informal sector, we would like to thank the unheralded heroes in our communities.

These heroes are Zimbabweans based in the Diaspora, their support to families and vulnerable people in the country should be applauded.

Some of them quickly set up philanthropic organisations to help the needy at the height of the Covid-19 lockdown in the country when everything looked hopeless.

Such selfless giving, without strings attached or any ulterior motives should be applauded and we urge other stakeholders to support such initiatives.

International aid organisations such as the USAid, the World Health Organisation and European Union gave unparalled support to our communities.

Finally, we acknowledge the efforts by our government to economically empower our people though self help projects but it should do more in order to create an corruption-free investor friendly environment that would foster real development.


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