Joseph Maposa releases repentance song


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UPCOMING gospel musician Joseph Maposa has released a single he said was  to warn the whole world to repent as the world is coming to end.

Maposa released the song produced by Producer Olin Anderson and Engineer Patrick Nyanzenza of Kunashe Studio Mutare, on January 1 2021

He told Zim Community News that his song entitled ‘Kuguma kwaswedera’ is a  a reminder  to people to repent.

“My latest single track is titled Kuguma kwaswedera which means the end of the world is near.

“It’s a warning to the whole world to repent and accept Jesus Christ as the Savior,” he said.

Maposa said people were reluctant when it comes to lamenting and it angers God as in the bible.

“Many people have a problem of procrastinating when it comes to repentance, we can see that the end is near, God destroyed people as a result of sins for example the issue of Sodom and Gomorrah as well as the flood during Noah’s generation,” he said.

He was triggered to come up with the song after he encountered with the signs of doom.

“The Bible as our guideline tells us that when the world is about to end there shall be incurable diseases, false prophets, wars, famine and many more disasters and all these signs are being experienced as I am speaking,” he said.

Maposa added that people are responding well to his song after the release on New Year and those who may want to listen to it can listen from various media platforms.

“It is receiving overwhelming support especially from believers and anyone can listen to it on WhatsApp, YouTube, Sound cloud and Facebook,” he added.



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