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YOUTH Advocates is carrying an online course in an endeavour to foster knowledge on youth leadership and health issues on the WhatsApp platform.

The organisation’s main focus area is on sexual reproductive health, targeting adolescents and young people aged between 10-24.

The programme allows adolescent and young people to undergo seven modules on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and HIV from the Young Advocates Leadership Programme (YALeP) Manual which is a comprehensive resource for educating youths about sexuality, reproductive health, gender, rights, health services and related life skills.

Young people will also learn about COVID-19 and improving their understanding of the desease.

The organisation is sponsored by  major donors including UNICEF, Plan international and many more.

Sandra Zulu an agent from Youth Advocates told Zim Community News that during the lockdown they were targeting to recruit more youths.

“During this lockdown we are aiming at recruiting many young people nationawide, the course is done online (WhatsApp) there won’t be any hindrances expect data or WhatsApp bundles and also young people who are eager to learn and who want to use the lockdown is doing something progressive will actually find this course as a golden opportunity,” she said.

She added, “Once they are done with the modules they recruit 24 -25 more peers so that they teach them also following the objectives of our very own syllabus as well. When they have recruited and are sharing with their peers they are also provided with data to conduct the lessons.”

She said those who would want to join the programme can contact on her WhatsApp number 077 884 9962.

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  1. Sandrina D Zulu says

    The course provided is legit , it adds a certain gravity on your CVs and furthermore highlights us as young people to know our rights, health and social norms and values.

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