Experiences as an orphan spur Leadman’s new song


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AFTER experiencing first-hand the misfortunes that orphans face without their  parents, this motivated upcoming gospel musician Leadman Chosen to write his song titled “Rufu Ndimadzongonyodze”.

Leadman Chosen has two albums one called “Zvanaka” and the other one “Ndiye Zvose”.

In an interview with Zim Community News, he revealed more about his track.

” On this song I was singing of a boy child who lost his parents in an accident after they had promised him to go and find green pastures abroad.

“His relatives promised him of a good future, unfortunately after the burial of his parents they neglected him.

“So, I was saying an orphan will only be catered for only on the day of the funeral of the mother,” he said.

Chosen said that he was looking forward to the  release the video of the song soon.

He also gave advice to other upcoming musicians when they become successful.

“Being submissive to those who have been in the musical industry before us can make us grow and as upcoming artistes must keep on focusing and never lose hope,” he said.

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