‘Makoni Central MP called traitor at burial’


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MAKONI Central MP David Tekeshe has described Wednesday’s graveside fight involving opposition supporters as unnecessary and blamed some MDC-Alliance supporters for lacking political immaturity.

This comes after Tekeshe’s speech was disrupted at a graveside in ward 8 Makoni Central constituency where a villager was being buried.

Tekeshe, who is the member of Parliament for Makoni Central (Rusape), was disrupted after attempting to make a speech at the burial of the wife of a former MDC-Alliance member Energy Madondo in ward 8.

The skirmish that was captured on a video has since gone viral.

As Tekeshe tried to make the speech at the graveside, MDC-Alliance member disrupted the speech by singing that Tekeshe was  a sell-out after joining Mwonzora.

Tekeshe won the constituency in the 2018 harmonised elections on a MDC-Alliance ticket.

“This is unacceptable at all, and l can confirm the incident that there are some members from the MDC-Alliance who disrupted me when l was about to give a speech at a graveside,” he said

“Teddy Chitsere and some few members started singing against me but people did not like this, we can not use a funeral as a political battle ground, these guys showed political immaturity, we need to mature,” he said

Madondo who lost his wife (Ellah) was at a loss of words claiming that he was not happy with the conduct of the hooligans.

“l am at a loss of words, as you know at most funerals, there are people who are given a chance to give vote of thanks , headman, Chiefs,  MP’s no matter from which  party , they are given a chance to give vote of thanks,” he said

“When our MP David Tekeshe was about to give his speech, he was disrupted by some hooligans. l don’t why and l was left concerned with the conduct,” he said.

He said the hooligans were stopped by his brother Japhat Madondo.

He applauded Pentecostal church Zaoga for managing the funeral wake.

Ward 8 councillor Munyaradzi Chigwede confirmed the skirmishes.

“l gave my speech as the councillor and l had no problem at all,  but when Makoni MP David Tekeshe was about to give a speech Teddy Chitsere and some members started singing against Tekeshe saying that he was a sell out,” he said.

Madondo is a former MDC-Alliance member but joined the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) after he was snubbed by the party ahead of the 2018 harmonised elections.

He reportedly campaigned as a councillor for (NCA) in the 2018 elections.


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