The Tallest Tree Catches The Most Wind

 Develop a thick skin now


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WHEN you make up your mind to go after your dream, vision and whatever else that you set your mind to achieve, you have to develop thick skin.

I have noticed that as you hustle to try and make it, few people are going to notice you when you’re in the thickness of battle, fighting tooth and nail to reach the top.

You know you are about to get to your destiny, when you see all hell begin to break loose around you.
Suddenly, folks who didn’t care whether you existed before, begin to notice that you breathe the same air that they inhale also and for some inexplicable reason they just hate your guts.

And if your mother raised you well, you, at first introspect, to try and see if there’s something that you might have done wrong or if you offended anybody in any small or big way. Then again, you realise that all you have tried to do is just do you.

You did not walk around casting aspersions at anybody but just worked to be the best you. So what the is going on, why would anybody be offended at a brother or sister who are just trying to live their life.

Well, if you find yourself in such a place, just take a deep breath, in , out, in out, there is nothing wrong that you did. You have to realize that the tallest tree catches the most wind. Folks are comfortable as long as you stay within the pack.

The moment you start to break out and break forth into the territory called success, and depending on who and how they define it, there’s a whole lot of folks that are going to celebrate with you.

But there’s always those who will find it hard to handle the fact that, you probably are no longer gonna shout, present, at their pity parties.

Now, as a human being, it’s normal to wanna stay with your comrades, but the better thing to do, if you have such an affinity for them, is to try and pull them to where you are.

I was raised in the Ghetto and I respect everybody who is still there but that does not mean I have to raise my own kids there when I am in a place where I can afford better accommodation and live in a better neighborhood.

I believe with all my heart that the Creator has endowed us with a yearning for progress and it is quite natural then to wanna advance. So people who are following their God given instinct to wanna succeed mustn’t be the ones to try and explain themselves.

So then, take on, all the blows of criticism but, by God, just keep on walking until you touch your dreams.

If you are such, I raise my glass to you. Go for it, and don’t give a flip about what the naysayers think.

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