Waddilove High parents lauds school awards success


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WADDILOVE High School parents have applauded the school’s choir, the Soldiers of Heaven, and its principal coach Patrick Nyahwo for grabbing two gongs at the recent ZCN 2020 awards ceremony.

The parents said this was in line with their wish of providing quality education and enabling an environment which promotes the nurturing of learners’ talents endowed in them by God.

“On behalf of the Waddilove High School parents and guardians, we would like to heartily congratulate the Waddilove High School Choir (The Soldiers of Heaven) and Mr Patrick Nyahwo for the excellent and exemplary work, for lifting the school flag to a higher level, keep up the good work,” School Development Committee chairperson Kudzaishe Wambe said.

The support from parents has made the institution remain a giant in its activities and will spur the choir to greater heights as it cultivated a sense of excellence to the school.

The name and fame of Waddilove High is spreading internationally as celebrated gospel musician Reverend Togarepi  Chivaviro featured on the title track of their album Tirimo Munzira.

The Old Students Association could not hide their excitement  and sent congratulatory messages.

“On behalf of Waddilove Old Students Association Interim Committee, we extend our heartiest congratulations to Waddilove High School and Methodist Church in Zimbabwe on attaining the best School Choir Award, we celebrate this achievement together and look forward to future victories and accomplishments.

A special thank you goes out to the School Choir Coaches for the tremendous job, the Choir members for their hard work and Zimbabwe Community News for the recognition.”

The success The Soldiers of Heaven has former students nostalgic, and reliving golden memories of the school.

Nyahwo, said it was an honour to be supported by the Waddilove community.

“Our success is the success of parents, all our students, staff members, the Responsible Authority (Methodist Church in Zimbabwe), choir members and other stakeholders.’’

The school choir said we remain indebted to the school’s authority, Zim Community News editor Mr. Albert Masaka and team and producer Forward Mazuruse for quality work.”

The choir acknowledged the support from their sister school Waddilove Primary, Head Mr Tapfumanei Machaka and his staff.

The Soldiers of Heaven 2021 group has 15 members whose main task is surpassing the standard set by their predecessors.

The group is encouraging stakeholders to support their dream of being Waddilove High brand ambassadors by providing them with any of the following: recording fees, video production fees, uniform and instruments.

The school choir frontman Patrick Nyahwo is assisted by matron Shylet Sileti (nee Brown).

“Nyahwo is a natural composer whose work ethic is amazing, his commitment and the love of his art made him make wonderful music for over the years,” the producer said.


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