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I was watching, sometime ago, on the National Geographic channel, how predators, especially lions, mark their territory. They roar, they circle around, to let everyone know that this is their domain and anyone who dares to breach it gotta better be, at best, be prepared for one hell of a fight, and at worst, if they are human, be ready to meet their maker.

Lions don’t play games, especially when it comes to matters of their stomachs, you see, because they pretty much survive on meat and competition for such, will pose an existential threat to them.

The jungle is their hunting ground and through fighting, literally, tooth and nail they curve out their little or big spaces in there and guard them jealously. Even other cats know that to mess with another’s territory is to invite a situation more hellish than hell itself.

I guess that, you are wondering by now what my little tale about lions in the jungle has got to do with you. Everything, I mean, everything. If you are about my age, or a little younger, or older, I am sure you already know that our world, whether you live in a remote village somewhere or in one of these sophisticated, cosmopolitan cities, is indeed a jungle all by itself.

The competition for resources and space is intense and cut throat. Like they say, if you snooze, you lose. There are lions on Main Street and there are lions on Wall Street, either you eat or you get eaten, the choice is all yours.

Let me get to my point. I have observed that a lot of people easily quit when the wind is not blowing in the direction that they like or to put it simply, when things are not going their way.

It could be that, their boss is not friendly or their fellow workers are giving them a torrid time, or even that their crush on the job is giving them a cold shoulder. If you find yourself in such a situation, my question to you is this.

Does the company refuse to pay you because the boss doesn’t like you, do they deduct your salary because you were turned down by the person that you liked. Of course not. So what’s the big deal then, what are you complaining about.

When you get to work, start a company or do whatever it is that you do, understand that no one is there to do you any favours.

In the jungle lions roar to let you know that you are not welcome. At the work place, they may not even roar, they may smile at you but when you turn your back they will drive a sharp dagger into your ribs. So then, when you get into your territory, don’t seek to win a popularity contest. You were not employed to make people like you.

They hired you to be productive, to add to the bottom line of the company. Mark you territory, be good if not the best at what you do. By so doing you make yourself indispensable and believe me, nobody fires somebody that they know they need. To sack you will be like cutting their noses to spite their faces.

So instead of whining and complaining, silently work hard to improve yourself, make yourself the sharpest tool in the box. Ignore the noise, you know by now that you don’t have any scar from your neighbour’s barking dog.

And in the final analysis, even in the jungle, the cats that win the day, are not the ones that make the most noise but rather those that carefully mark their territory, stalk their prey discretely and strike at the right moment.

Like I already done told you above, it’s a jungle out there, you will either eat or be eaten. I choose to eat. And I sure hope to God, that you do, too.

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