As you mark your territory, integrity should remain intact


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WHENEVER there is a funeral, preachers of the Gospel always wants to remind us that we came into this world naked and that pretty much we will go back the way we came, in our birthday suits.

That is all fine and true but the other truth is that your name, or rather your reputation, good or bad, will live on, long after you are gone.

As a matter of fact, your posterity may actually benefit from your name if you work hard during your lifetime to build a good reputation.

In our contemporary world, we value things like building wealth, living the good life and having all the bling and there is nothing wrong with that , well, at least as far as I am concerned.

The problem comes when you become so concerned with those things, so much that, you are prepared to cut corners, step on others’ shoes and do just about anything to reach your goal.

There is a difference between doing everything you can to succeed and doing anything to get ahead. As you mark your territory, do it in such a way that your integrity remains intact.
Building a good name takes painstaking time, it cannot be done overnight and you are going to need a lot of patience to do it.

I am no branding expert but one thing I know is that no one wants to be associated with someone with a soiled reputation.

In this age of social media, information travels around the world at super speed, you can click a button in Dallas and in seconds they will be laughing at you in Antananarivo.
I know that a lot of people have used social media to their advantage but many reputations have been ruined by the same platform.

It is important then to have checks and balances in life. Go after your dreams in such a way that you build such a good reputation that people would wanna continue associating themselves with you.

I have noticed that people want to continue dealing with somebody with a good name even when the product that person is selling is even more expensive compared to others with a not so good reputation.

To maintain integrity is gonna involve telling the truth and sometimes the bitter truth.
I always tell people to go with the truth because truth is easy to defend.
Lies have a short shelf life because truth always has a way of coming out.

It is better for people to hate you for a while based on the lies they would have heard than to receive accolades based on lies, only for those to be stripped from you when the truth is known.
Over the years, we have seen athletes who received major accolades after cheating or doping and for a while they were paraded before royalty and presidents, only to come crushing down when the truth was later revealed.

Your name is your major asset so make sure that you preserve it.

There are great-great-grandchildren who are benefiting from the names of their fore-bearers right now, sometimes, a 100 years down the line.

The flip side of that is that there are those who so much messed up their names that their posterity had to change their names in order to give themselves a fresh start.

My advice to you today, is , don’t be selfish, guard your reputation jealously and make sure your name will continue to have a positive vibe about it long after you are gone.

You children will sure thank you for it.

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