Brenda Masara’s track in five languages lures international success


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A PRAISE song cleverly arranged in five languages from her debut album entitled Hold my hand is set to be the stepping stone for upcoming gospel musician Brenda Masara’ journey to international stardom.

The Chivhu-born gospel musician, who like many other prominent local artistes, is a product of the Zaoga and UAFM praise and worship teams told Zim Community News that her goal was to be an international gospel music star.

“I love to be international, I love to be able to stand and sing for other nations in their languages and one of my hit songs, African praise, was sung in five languages Xhosa, Shona, Chewa, Nigerian language and English.

Masara, who was once part of Chief Hwenje’s backing vocals, also prefers the rhumba-gospel sub-genre.

“When I am composing my songs that beat comes out naturally.

She also likened gospel music to medicine that heals people.

“In fact gospel music is balm on our souls, I testify that gospel music delivers me from stress, depression and loneliness and people are also sharing the same testimony about being impacted by my music.”

Produced by Khayalami Studios in Cape Town, the seven-track offering is also in video form.

Tracks on the album are In your presence which was released in March as a teaser in, Munoshamisa, the spirit of the Lord, African praise, Am seed of Abraham, Jehovha Mufudzi wangu and Hold my hand.

According to Masara the title of her hit track, Hold my hand, aptly describes how God is directing her path in her flourishing musical journey.

“I love praising and worshipping God all the time as this gives me strength God will send people to help me establish what God has called me to do.”

“God is elevating me and family step by step, I grew up struggling a lot trying to put things together but to no avail. Poverty was a big disease but God changed our story now we can afford things which we could not afford before.”

“My husband also is a very strong pillar he supports me in every way, and also financially so that I can do something in this music journey.

The couple are blessed with a son.

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