‘Drug abuse, behind high Chitown murder cases’


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As drugs and substance abuse among youths shoots up at an alarming level in Zimbabwe, our reporter Felistas Itayi interviews an unemployed youth from Chitungwiza who was smoking Skank at their base. Skank is made from from unpollinated cannabis plants which naturally contain higher levels of THC. The substance that gives recreational users the ‘stoned’ feelings they seek from the drug, but can also cause nasty side effects, including paranoia and hallucinations#drugabuseawarness ugabuse, #chitungwiza

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MANY Zimbabwean youths have turned to drug and substance abuse and are involved in heinous crimes due to the deepening economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

Chitungwiza ward 24 councillor, Yotamu Chagwada told Dungwiza News that idle youths wake up daily and spend time sitting on bridges.

“At first they will be playing draft, the next thing one will bring out a cigarette of marijuana, then the next day something stronger,” he said.

“Look at the rise in murder cases, it is the system to blame and not the youths’ fault, they are very few of these murders that are not systematic.”

He added while referring to recent murder in Unit M.

Many youths in the ward are now taking drugs such as marijuana and mutoriro (crystal meth).

Chagwada blamed the government’s security agents for allowing the drugs to slip through the borders into the country.

“The youths are taking dombo (methamphetamine), those are foreign drugs, who is smuggling those drugs into the country, it is not a common person?.”
He also blamed corruption among the local police force.

“Right now in this particular ward, you can find even a police van parked a few metres away from a drug baron.

“You will see a known drug baron approaching them to give them money.”

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