Chitown police chief calls for all out war against drug dealers

... drug abuse fight is a shared responsibility by community members


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THE officer commanding police Chitungwiza District chief superintendent Severino Muguti has issued a stern warning to all those involved in drug trafficking, peddling, dealing and substance abuse that their days are numbered.

Muguti said this today during an AntiDrug and Substance Abuse March and Campaign held at Makoni Shopping Centre.

He said that the drug awareness campaign was in line with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s efforts to deal with drug and substance abuse.

“Our 2022 theme is “ZRP Policing the nation to create an environment conducive for the attainment of vision 2030”.

He said that drug and substance abuse, was a barrier to the country’s vision of attaining ‘Upper-middle income economy status by the year 2030’.

“Let me take this opportunity to give a stern warning to all those involved in drug trafficking, drug peddling, drug dealing and substance abuse that the long arm of the law will catch up with you.

He said his heart bleed that streets of Chitungwiza were a haven of various drugs and in order to bring sanity in the communities police will not rest until they have arrested all those involved in the vice.

“This campaign bears testimony to our commitment to stopping drug and substance abuse.”

As a result the Chitungwiza Police District were determined to strengthen cooperation among all stakeholders to curb the vice.

As a result, the police has invited the churches fraternity smong other stakeholders seeking divine intervention to quell the menace.

Quoting a Bible verse, Muguti said they also believed that the magnitude of drug was due to demonic influences.

“The Word of God in Psalms 127 verse 1 says and I quote; “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain those who build it. Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain” close quote.

He implored maximum cooperation and support from the community as critical in the drug fight.

He cited the case of the ZRP Chitungwiza District women network who last month embarked on an operation code-named ‘Pasi Nezvinodhaka and arrested 628 suspects within a week.

The police employed various community Policing initiatives complement the police in fighting crime which are the Crime Liaison Committee, Neighbourhood Watch Committee , Business Against Crime Forum of Zimbabwe, Junior call clubs as well as the Christian Community Police Network.

He also told the gathering that members of the public have constitutional powers to effect an arrest.

They can also supply police with crime related information or advice through our suggestion boxes, hotlines as well as our WhatsApp and other communication platforms.

At District level they free to contact police on 02421 31630 / 02421 22003, the Provincial Operations numbers are 02421 748836 and 0242 749243 (Complaints Desk).

The national Complaints Desk numbers are 0242 703631 while the national WhatsApp platform numbers are 0712 800 197. Our national website address is

The Twitter handle is @Police Zimbabwe whilst on Facebook we reflect as Zimbabwe Republic Police.

On today’s event, various invited stakeholders will also usher us with their prepared information which I may not pre-empty. I therefore welcome you all to this occasion, feel free, relax and be attentive.

Meanwhile, the Chitungwiza District Crime Liaison Committee chairperson Shakespeare Njambi weighed in, telling the gathering that the impact of drug and substance abuse spared no one.

Njambi called for unity in the fight against drug abuse and added that crimes committed under the influence of drugs and substances include murder, domestic violence and robbery.

“Some abusers even commit suicide and in some situations cases of Domestic Violence are committed by children against their parents, a very sad and unusual phenomenon.

He called for severe punishment on offenders.

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