MSU student launches podcast on African culture, heritage


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A FINAL-YEAR MSU student, Webster Murimbika (23) has embarked on an innovative way of educating Zimbabweans about culture and heritage through his Zimculture podcast.

The Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies student told Dungwiza News that the Zimculture podcast idea came after the realisation that the average Zimbabwean does not have access to heritage literature.

“Zimculture podcast is a free online recorded conversation done in simple English and it is accessible to everyone around the world.
“It focuses on various topics, archeology, cultural heritage and museum and related topics.”

He added that Zimculture aims to cover the rest of the southern Africa.

“Many people have lost their drive to push for cultural heritage, but when you look at all the powerful countries are hinged on the foundation of strong cultural backgrounds.

Through creating videos, pictures and making short documentaries Zimculture is on a path to clear the blackman’s mind from colonialist ideologies and plant pan-Africanism roots in Africans.

It aims to be a loud voice in standing up for cultural heritage in all of the Southern Africa.”

“I am hoping to find partners in future because I want to publish in other native languages to enable a wider range of audiences regardless of literacy levels.”

“Those who wish to get in touch with me can use or WhatsApp +263782612205.”

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