Community Water Alliance calls for unity in hand hygiene


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Community Water Alliance has urged local authorities to scale up the provision of an enabling environment for practice of washing hands including availing adequate water for citizens in line with World Health Organisation standards.

CWA said this yesterday in a statement commemorating the Global Hand Washing day which this year is being held under the theme “Unite for Universal Hand Hygiene”.

“As we head towards the last quarter of year where a spike of waterborne diseases occur, we remind citizens of Zimbabwe to continue the practice of washing hands with soap under running water.

“Hand washing is an easy, effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives and this year’s theme reminds us that we are united in our quest for universal access and practice of hand hygiene.

CWA added that it was also the role of stakeholders who include citizens, businesses and government institutions to create an environment that promote regular washing of hands with soap.

“The benefits are for individuals, families and the nation at large.

“It also includes having hand washing infrastructure at entrance of buildings so as to build a culture of hand washing.

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