Come, we have built a bigger ZCN 2022 awards


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IN all acts of initiative, creation and countless ideas, it is a unique experience that will become memorable for those who participate in it.

As key agents in transforming traditional mental models towards a sustainable future, the media are essential partners in a country’s development and are therefore considered a prerequisite for achieving sustainability.

Join us at the Zim Community 2022 Awards at the Harare International Conference Centre on Friday 27 January 2023 as we present the nation with another great new-year experience.

The awards are run by an independent board chaired by Nigel Chanakira.

Other board members are popular artist Jefferson Muserera and development practitioner Grace Mugebe.

The third edition, which shall include an exhibition, will make you happy through celebrations, smarter through education, collaborate through interaction and above all profit through inspiration.

Zim Community News is a fast-growing licensed community newspaper published by Perfection Media Pvt Ltd.

Solution-based journalism and the awards are our bedrock, our strategic engines of progress for our communities in the economic, cultural, social and political domains.

Zimbabwe has always been and will always be a work in progress.

Bearing that in mind, every generation has contributed and must contribute to that ongoing progress.
Our country needs all of us.

A foundation for more substantial development is built as we convene and launch new initiatives, provide thought leadership, and form new partnerships.

Rapid changes in audience engagement have influenced our unique business model which is also anchored on a solid tradition of professional values.
We encourage everyone who plays a role in developing our communities to join us.

We are therefore pre-convincing government ministries, corporates, local authorities, church leaders, community development leaders and organisations and embassies on the importance of their partnership and attendance.

By ‘our communities’ we also include the millions of Zimbabweans who are scattered around the globe.

Through these multifaceted initiatives, we maximize our ability to forge, share, and put into practice powerful new ideas.
The payoff for headline partners is leveraging on the unique money-can’t-buy experience economy.

Brands and corporations shall engage with audiences and connect with clients in today’s multi-channel, experience-oriented environment.

Actively participating in our community awards ceremony is an opportune moment to add value to the unique synergies between you and our media house.
At the consumer level, community members are now looking for new allegiances in music, sports, arts, religion, or other pursuits which bind together in real or virtual communities.

Brands have found that the best way to get our attention is to identify the passions of new communities and align with them.

Therefore, in order to give tangible and intangible benefits to sponsoring partners, the drawcard are leading celebrities, church leaders, media houses, and decision-makers across our local and Diaspora communities, who are set to grace the prestigious black-tie event.

Due to new technologies, we have established global connections for our exhibition as a platform to promote and sell products.

Space is contracted to prominent local citizens, celebrities, vendors, craftspeople, and others to demonstrate and sell their products and services.
This year we have an exhibition to support the overall goals and objectives of the total event.

This segment, which shall also be live-streamed by various local and international media organisations offers corporate cross-promotions, trade shows, expositions, and cause-related.

The responsibilities that come with citizenship are learned and certainly not inherited.

Perfection Media Pvt Ltd has an extraordinary vision for our society.

Our vision is anchored on the transformational power of communication.

By and large, it is in the newsrooms that the future is created on a daily basis.

Our journalism goes beyond just being a profession, it’s a calling.

It bears awesome social, civic, moral, and historical responsibilities in creating a better future for our communities.

Our approach of engaging multiple stakeholders by pulling multiple levers is informed by research on the system we are trying to move.

The kind of change that is needed in our communities is a mindset shift, one that requires everyone to grapple with new ideas.

Zimbabweans might not agree in many areas, but we must agree that building our communities is the way to create successful economies and a country.
Equally, we shall not be blind to wrongs in the community, a love that does not criticize brings stagnation to a nation.

Neither should our criticism be bereft of love and provision of solutions, lest we bring destruction to our communities.
In making the transition, we must learn to move forward with empathy and flexibility.

The starting place is a vision of equal opportunity and then creating conditions that can actually ensure that happens.

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