Best investments take time to mature

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By Bevan Makaka

WHEN you are still young and inexperienced, you, foolishly think that everyone you meet , connect with, fall in love with, is there for the long haul.

For all I know, our definition of love is myopic, when we are young anyways.

But, that is to digress for I am not breaking my silence after this long time to talk about dating. I leave that to experts like Dr Phil or Zimbabwe’s Dr Love.

My brief is on other relationships especially on the business arena. When people embark on such gigs together, there is an expectation, at the start, that everybody will carry their own weight and stay the distance.

There is that excitement of birthing a new thing, starting a new venture and everybody is on cloud nine, waxing lyrical about how they believe in the shindig and are committed to it come hell or high water.

Then life happens.

As is inevitable in life, once you start on the road to destiny, unknown and unplanned for situations begin to arise.

For instance, some may start wars, in distant lands, that turn world markets upside down, create shortages and ultimately cause the price of goods to sky rocket, without first consulting you.

Before the cows come home, you find yourself dealing with increases in raw materials and the like which of course result in the cost of production going up as well, thereby shrinking or eradicating profits altogether.

Then all hell breaks loose. You turn overnight, from a white-knight-in-shining-armour into a devil out of hell itself, or a gangster straight out of Compton itself, whatever the reader’s preference is.

And before you can cry uncle, you find yourself hit with a barrage of missiles, albeit verbal ones that hurt at the very core of your being.

And you are asking yourself, how can I be your hero one moment and your villain the next.

Well, nobody is listening and while you’re  still reeling from that, they will hit you below the belt, with the kind of blow that will make a Mike Tyson fight look like kindergarten stuff, even telling the whole world the number of rats in your garage.

How then do you survive?

For starters, by knowing the difference between Usain Bolt and Mo Farrah. That the former is a sprinter and the latter specializes in marathons.

In this microwave society that we live in , most people wanna have their cake and eat it there and then.

Unfortunately life doesn’t always work out that way. Some things, if not most things, take time to mature but when they do, they are much weightier, long lasting and more fulfilling.

So in life, one should never hold grudges. When things go South in partnerships and relationships, always realize that, maybe your expectations were different, one wanted a Genetically Modified chicken and the other a road runner.

If cool heads are allowed to prevail, the sprinters will walk away with their one-week bird while the marathon runners will wait for their road runner to organically grow. Everyone is happy. Period.

Well , sort of, because if you ask me, or some of these old hands like Warren Buffet, they will tell you that the best investments are those that take time to mature.

But hey, the choice is yours

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