Harare buckles to Chanakira’s unjustly-high clamping fee tweet


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HARARE mayor Jacob Mafume has swiftly responded to the ridiculously high clamping fines that are more than half the salaries of a majority of workers in the country, following a tweet by philanthropist and business mentor Nigel Chanakira.

Mafume said that he will hold a joint press conference tomorrow to announce new measures that would strike a balance between fines and what people can afford following an outcry from the public.

“We will be calling a Press Conference tomorrow together with City Parking to announce the recommendations we have received from the public,” the mayor said.

In the tweet, Chanakira complained that for the City of Harare to fine him US$130, was un unjust as the figure was totally disproportionate to the offense.

To make matters worse Chanakira said that his car was clamped after he failed to pay for parking due to the absence of parking marshals.

“Clamped in Harare whilst in a meeting after I failed to see the parking attended to pay & I was stuck for a solid 2 hours sorting this out City Parking asked for US$130. The fine is totally disproportionate to the offense. I’m perplexed that we can have such unjust city bylaws,” tweeted Chanakira.

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