Zanu PF jittery that CCC, like liberation struggle, is a citizen project: Chamisa

'They are showing that they are on the back foot, Zanu PF is panicking, and that is why they are doing all sorts of things'


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THE opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party is a transformational and democratisation citizens project that has hallmarks of the liberation struggle, opposition leader Nelson Chamisa said yesterday.

“The struggles of the working people of Zimbabwe, the students, women, farmers, pensioners, war veterans continue to be the compass of our determination, our courage, our boldness, and direction.”

Chamisa said that the arrival of the CCC had brought in a new breed of politics that has transformed the political landscape causing Zanu PF to be jittery.

He said that Zanu PF does not prepare to win elections and had allocated money for rigging purposes than for any other ministry as an unbudgeted allocation.

“But we have continued to stand, and the fact that we are standing here is testimony that victory is certain and that victory is coming.”

He took a swipe at Zanu PF and critics such as former Cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo who wrote off the CCC as a structureless party.

“They are showing that they are on the back foot, Zanu PF is panicking, and that is why they are doing all sorts of things.

“Look at their shenanigans through ZEC, look at their shenanigans in the community, banning our rallies, to date they have banned over 68 of our rallies, why? because they know that we are the only game in town.”

He alleged that in the past, Zanu PF would target and bribe opposition party officials, but because of the sophisticated new strategies in place, the government was now jittery.

“We have our organic citizens structures, in fact, we have come up with a new philosophy that has not been understood by old-styled and old-fashioned politicians and old-fashioned experts who think that we are structureless.”

“The Citizens movement has a new way of doing politics, new, fresh, and modern politics that puts the citizens first and at the centre of decision-making at all levels.

“Over the past 12 months, through the Mugwazo programme of action, the opposition party successfully reached all four corners of Zimbabwe to locate a permanent footprint in every community, street, and village across the country.

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